Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 Fragrance Oil Line

Happy New Year!!

Thanks to you, my loyal Monroe Soaps customers, I have had a great year providing all natural products for you and your family.
I wanted to thank you for choosing Monroe Soaps, I appreciate your business and will continue to provide and expand my products to fit your needs in 2009.

Due to your dedication, I wanted to let my Monroe Soaps customers know that we have been able to raise money for the Lee Slatter Holiday Program which provides needs for families battling cancer.
We were able to donate baskets which were auctioned off to raise money for this program. Thanks to you, a family’s needs were taken care of this Holiday season. I am hoping that with your dedication, we can continue to donate to charity.

I’m starting off this New Year by expanding my business to not only essential oils but a line of fragrance oils as well.
Fragrance oil differs from essential oil in the fact that it is a synthetic scent, not derived from its natural origin. These oils have a more specific scent, very noticeable, and sometimes a little stronger. I’ve decided to add a fragrance oil line to my business because I have had many requests for products to be made with it instead of essential oils. Some customers want a high quality natural product but are allergic to essential oils, while others just prefer a more noticeable and traditional fragrance. To be able to serve my customers with the best product, I will now be providing both. The product that contains these fragrance oils will of course be made will all natural ingredients with the exception of the scent, which is an extremely tiny fraction of the entire recipe. My Essential Oil line and Fragrance Oil line of body products will be priced the same and available soon.

Thanks again and have a prosperous New Year!!


Rikki Hill, Owner

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Thank you for visiting Monroe Soaps, a line of high-quality body products made with essential oils and other natural ingredients that are safe and therapeutic for you and your loved ones, including babies and pets!

In addition to our handcrafted soaps, we offer lotion, cream, and massage oil in the scents listed below. Fragrance-free and customized scents are also available.

Items can be purchased individually or as gift baskets. See the post below for pricing. We would love to hear your feedback and look forward to providing you with products that feel good both inside and out!
Rikki Hill, Owner
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Orange Spice - Contains Sweet orange, Tangerine, and Cinnamon Leaf essential oils. The orange scent is faint, more of the spice comes out. Contains ground cinnamon for texture. -SOLD OUT

Autumn Spice - Contains Cinnamon Leaf and Clove essential oils, also real pumpkin is added for color. This has more of a spice scent, not much of a pumpkin scent. Contains ground cinnamon for texture. -SOLD OUT

Spiced Cookie - Contains Allspice, Cinnamon Leaf, Bitter Almond, Lemon, and Lavender essential oils. This has a strong cherry-almond like scent, with a hint of spice. Oats are added for texture. -SOLD OUT

Winter Pine - Contains Balsam Fir Needle and Spruce essential oils. Smells just like pine! The herb Horse Tail and ground cinnamon are added for texture. There is no cinnamon scent, only pine.-SOLD OUT

Everyone's Mint - Contains Pennyroyal, Eucalyptus, and Bergamot essential oils. These are proven to help fight ticks and fleas. Calendula ground petals are added for healing. This mint scented soap is great for your pets and yourself!-SOLD OUT

Grapefruit - Contains Grapefruit and Bergamot essential oil. Calendula ground petals adds texture. This has a faint smell of grapefruit, not strong. -SOLD OUT

Vanilla Ylang-Ylang - Contains Vanilla and Ylang-Ylang essential oils. Ground elderberries give texture. This soap has a sweet smell, with a faint scent of vanilla and flowers. This is my dad's favorite and a bestseller! -SOLD OUT

Baby Soap a.k.a. Fresh Soap - Contains Roman Chamomile, Tee Tree, Bulgarian Lavender, and Rose Geranium essential oils. This soap has more moisturizing oils to help keep your baby, or yourself soft!-SOLD OUT

Monroe Soaps Pricing

Below are the prices for the complete line of Monroe Soaps. Because every item is handmade, email for availability of your favorite scent. And don't forget gift certificates!

We are quickly approaching Christmas! Please submit your order by December 14 to ensure timely delivery. See below for shipping costs.

A sincere thank-you from Monroe Soaps!
Rikki Hill, Owner
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Soap - $5.95 or buy 4 get one free
Baby Soap - $6.95 or buy 4 get one free
4oz Baby Balm - $18.80
2oz Baby Balm- $9.40
4oz Diaper Rash Balm- $19.50
2 oz Diaper Rash Balm- $9.75
4 oz Easy Breathing Balm- $19.00
2 oz Easy Breathing Balm- $9.50
6 oz Baby Powder- $11.95
4 oz Lotion- $8.50
4oz Baby Lotion- $10.50
4oz Baby Oil- $12.95
4oz Massage Oil- $12.95
4oz Cream- $12.00
2oz Cream- $6.00
4oz Baby Cream- $14.00
2oz Baby Cream- $7.00
Gift Basket- $6.00 extra

Shipping -- Within Ohio: $6 flat rate for orders under 10 pounds. Email to arrange delivery / pick-up. Outside Ohio: Email for shipping to your location.